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This is in place to promote unity within the new aged body of Christ. Its mission is to develop change agents in the body of Christ towards transformative leadership, as we are called to be transformed by the renewing of our mind. We seek to do this through the holistic development of youth and young adults who are spiritually & biblically grounded, culturally competent, civically engaged, and well-rounded in areas of: relational, emotional, financial, physical, social, & educational involvement.

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Below are some of our other ministries and remember to… #staywokeBBC !

  • The VINE Sunday School
  • JOY Praise Dancers
  • Junior Deacons
  • Junior Deaconess
  • Junior Trustees
  • Youth Choir & WOW Contemporary Choir
  • Vacation Bible School
  • Teen Fellowship
  • Millennial Ministry
  • Education & Scholarship Ministry
  • Youth Ushers

Vine Sunday School

The VINE Sunday School is an exciting and vital ministry within our church, and a launching pad of "purpose in Christ" for our next generations. Our mission is to partner with families, to equip our youth for continued growth and development in God’s word while discovering and pursuing who they are in Christ.

Our mission scripture is John 15 verse 5, we know and believe that only "in Christ" can we accomplish our goals. The VINE Sunday School has continued to "invite, invest, and increase in number. The VINE Sunday School is meeting the needs of our youth not only through faith, prayer, and teaching of the word; but also implementing the use of current technology, and enjoying fun, and fellowship together monthly through our "GEMS" and "KINGS" groups of the VINE.

Education & Scholarship 

Bethlehem Baptist Church, through its Education and Scholarship ministry, is committed to serving, with excellence, the spiritual, financial and academic needs of young people and supporting their aspirations of higher learning.  Each program initiated, sponsored and implemented by the Education and Scholarship ministry aligns with the overall purpose of Bethlehem Baptist Church, which is to “Love God, Serve People”.  This is accomplished through worship, nurturing, fellowship and benevolence.

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Watch Celeste Warren, Career Counseling Ministry Leader, provide hints and tips for "Putting Your Best Self Forward" for the Education and Scholarship Ministry interview.


2020 School High Senior Scholarship Application

2020 College Student Scholarship Application

2020 Bethlehem Baptist Church Community Service Award Application