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I have written on this topic before. I felt led once again to write about the testing of our faith. We are in the first month of the New Year and all of us will have our faith tested at some point this year. In one way or another, we will be tried and tested. Some of us have already been tried and tested. Now, there are those who may be reading this devotion who feel that they have never been tested, or do not believe they will be tested this year. I say just keep on living for it will happen. Consequently, we need to have a strong faith. We need a faith that will stand the testing that is sure to come. Our scriptural reference is found in James 1:2:

“Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles of any kind come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy.,”

James writes about the need to count it all joy. He knows that the testing of our faith will bring about patience. James knows firsthand about the trials and troubles that will come, because he is a servant of God. He does not complain. He writes that even in the midst of trials and troubles, one can have joy. It is the secret of happiness. He has a different view of happiness. He has a different meaning and theory for the purpose of life. It is not found in comfort, achievements, or worldly things. James is a servant and knows that troubles are part of his journey. He is aware that temptations will also come. Therefore, his prayer is from his understanding of the meaning of life. Someone said if we never had a problem, we would not know God’s faithfulness to deliver us. Problems come to make us strong. We discover the power and love of God when our faith is tested. I might add, our character and integrity are revealed through testing times. Always remember, when our faith is strong, we will come forth as pure gold.