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God has granted to us the marvelous gift of wisdom. Wisdom does not come from our earthy learning, as important as that is. It does not matter if one has all the worldly knowledge there is, speaks multiple languages fluently, travels the world and becomes knowledgeable about every current and historic event does not indicate if he or she has been blessed with wisdom. Wisdom supersedes all earthly knowledge. God gives wisdom to those He trusts. One can have little education yet be gifted with wisdom. If there was ever a time when we needed Godly wisdom, it is now. It gives us discernment, peace, joy, and strength and takes away fear. Faith is stronger than fear. The scripture reference is James 1:5.

“If you need wisdom, ask our generous God, and He will give it to you. He will not rebuke you for asking.”

What powerful words from James! Wisdom is a gift that God has prepared just for us. Perhaps we do not have wisdom because we do not ask for it. James writes about faith, endurance, and strength in the face of trials and troubles. He says that one can endure when their faith is tested. How does one do that? Wisdom is the answer! Wisdom empowers us to know that God is present. James indicated that those who are poor in spirit and material goods can be granted wisdom simply by asking. Thank God for the gift of wisdom. There have been many times in our lives when we needed God’s gracious gift of wisdom. There have been times when important decisions had to be made. Times when we did not know which way to go and our faith was tested. Thanks be unto God that this gift is available to anyone who asks. We have not because we ask not. Today, ask God for the wonderful gift of wisdom. It will bless your life forever.