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It is so easy to drop out of this Christian race. There are times when this journey
becomes hard and we just do not have the fortitude to continue. During one of our
Church Without Walls prayer services, there had been so much interference that a
number of people dropped off the line. It was quite frustrating, but it caused me to
realize that if that is the only interference that happens to us, then we are blessed. It
also served as a reminder that if we are believers, we must be able to endure not
only interruptions, but also all of the things that confront us and cause us pain. This
is a long, tedious journey and we need to have a made-up mind to go with Him all
the way. Many start out only to quit along the way. One’s faith must be strong and
secure to be with Him to the end.
There is a portion of scripture in Mark 14:50 describing the instance when the
disciples quit:

“And they all forsook him, and fled.”

This one verse sums up a critical time in the Master’s life, when all who claimed to
be with Him forsook Him and fled. Where were they in His time of need? Why did
they all flee? He had taught and prepared them, and yet, they were not there at this
crucial time. Read this story in this gospel of how the Master was faced with denial,
betrayal, and crucifixion by Himself. I pray that you have committed to not let
obstacles or burdens get in your way. With every ounce of energy in your body and
the love of God in your heart, commit to follow Him for the rest of your life.