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Will the Lord Remember Us?

I used to sing a song in church and some of the words were, “Will the Lord remember me?”  I don’t remember all of the words to the song, but those words that I heard in my youth still resonate with me today. I need the Lord to remember me each and every day of my life. In fact, we all need the Lord to remember us. We cannot afford for the Lord to forget about us. It’s a blessing to know that the Lord does not suffer from amnesia. Others may forget about us, but the Lord knows every step we take. The question is, “Will the Lord remember us for our faithfulness? Will the Lord remember us for the services we have rendered unto Him? Will the Lord remember us for the devotion we have given to Him?” In Jeremiah 2:2, we find these words:

 “Go and shout this message to Jerusalem. This is what the Lord says:  ‘I remember how eager you were to please me as a young bride long ago, how you loved me and followed me even through the barren wilderness.’”

The Lord makes it clear that He remembers and has not forgotten the Israelites’ faithfulness. They kept the covenant, they obeyed, they followed Him, and they were holy unto the Lord. The relationship with Yahweh has been good and the Lord was pleased, so much so, that He speaks about remembering them. He gave them the first fruits of their increase. Prayerfully we have been faithful, we have not wavered in our devotion to Him, and we have not ceased in serving Him. Then, prayerfully, He will remember us and bless us because of our faithfulness to Him. It is our desire to hear the Lord say, ‘Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things…’ (Matthew 25:21).”