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The title of this devotion, Who Are You Working For is a question we must all answer. We are saved by our faith, not by our works. I would argue strongly that countless people are working for their own self-satisfaction. The moment they are not recognized, they quit. I have seen this many times. All of us must be careful that our work is not something we are doing for fame or special recognition. Let me add, work is important. However, it is more important to know who you are working for. There is a temptation we face, particularly when we are being applauded, to lose sight of whose we are and who we are. The scripture reference for today is found in Romans 4:5 and reads in this manner.

“But people are counted as righteous, not because of their work, but because of their faith in God who forgives sinners.”

In this deep and moving passage, Paul refers to the faith of Abraham who believed in God. God called him righteous because of his faith. His faith in the Lord was strong and we call him the “Father of the faithful.” He never loses sight of who he was working for. Abraham was committed to all that God called him to do. God called him righteous. Abraham did a lot of good work, but his work was not what God recognized him for. It was his great faith. When you get a chance read this chapter. How does your faith match up with your works? Are you growing in your faith or do you emphasize your work more? Prayerfully, you have reached a point in your life that you know exactly who you are working for and you are doing all you can for the glory of God.