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I once preached a sermon about trusting God. The sermon was from Malachi and focused on tithes and offerings. I asked, “Do you trust God enough to honor Him with your tithes and offerings? Do you trust Him enough to put Him first?”  It is clear, my brothers and sisters, that where our treasure is, so is our heart. Many things claim our attention, but the things that are near and dear to us are the things where we spend our time, talent and resources. In Luke 12:34, we find these words:

“Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be.

In the sermon that I preached, I mentioned that God wants our hearts more than He wants our money. I believe that if it were left up to us, we would not place any emphasis on tithing or sharing with others, tending to spend our money in other ways. We can also glean from this scripture that our money, and how we spend it, speaks volumes about what we treasure, meaning that our money could be where our hearts are.   Each of us needs to read this chapter when we get a chance. Afterwards, we should ask ourselves, “Where is my treasure?”  I pray today, that we can all answer by saying, “in God.”