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I have learned in that when God speaks, you must respond. It is wonderful to have
people around you who are praying for you and providing godly advice. Take full
advantage of that and surround yourself with people who are following the Lord.
Pay close attention to them; listen to them. Yet, on the other hand, when God gives
you a command it may well be that it is just between you and God. You may not
understand what the Lord is doing or how He will do it. You may be in the
minority and those around you may not understand. Moreover, trust that when God
issues a command to you, your response must be to obey Him faithfully. There are
times when you will have to walk alone, but just know that God is always with you.
There is scripture in the gospel of Mark 14:13 that gives a deeper understanding:

“So Jesus sent two of them into Jerusalem with these instructions: “As you
go into the city, a man carrying a pitcher of water will meet you. Follow

You have heard this profound scripture before, but the spirit of God reveals new
insight each time we read it. In the midst of the Passover, the Lord gives
instructions to two of His disciples and tells them to go into the city and meet and
then follow a man bearing a pitcher of water. There is no time for a caucus or for a
vote with the other disciples. They are to go on the command of the Master to look
for a guest room. Read this entire chapter for the valuable lessons derived from the
Passover, betrayal, and denial. The Master, himself, was following God’s command.
Betrayal, denial, and crucifixion would ultimately come His way,
but remember Jesus had already prayed, “Not my will but Thy will
be done.” The Master has given us instructions and set the example
for following God. Whatever you do, when God speaks, follow Him. He will not
lead you astray. He already knows what lies ahead.