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Sometimes repetition is necessary. On Saturday, December 4th, I wrote of the need to have a submissive heart and spoke of us, as servants. Today’s devotion reminds us that we are all servants, just in case you did not read it in the last devotion. I felt the Spirit of the Lord telling me to continue in that theme of servanthood. Some of us just do not get it. Unfortunately, some become arrogant or self-righteous, based upon their title. It can happen so easily. When we receive accolades, and words of praises that go to our heads, we must remain humble and remember who we are. Matthew 23:11 is our scriptural text today:

“The greatest among you must be a servant.”

In this chapter, we see how Jesus criticizes the religious leaders and says that everything they do is “for show”. They love the honor that they receive. They like to be called Rabbi. However, the Master tells them not to be caught up in titles or to have anyone call them teacher. There is only one Teacher – the Messiah. Then Jesus says words we all need to pay attention to: “the greatest among you must be a servant for the exalted will be humble and the humble will be exalted.” Read this entire chapter. It does not matter what position you hold, or if you do not hold any position at all. Just remember that we are all servants. We only have one Master who is the Lord Himself.