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As I write this devotion, the Spirit of the Lord moves me. We all need a doctor. We may not be sick in the body, but all of us are sick in sin, and we need to be healed by His grace. Without it we cannot exist. All of us have sinned and have come short of the glory of God. Jesus is the only one who can cure us from our sins. He is the only one who can forgive us of the wrong we have done. We cannot judge anyone else.
We all stumble and fall at times, but thanks be to God for the doctor who has never lost a case. His name is Jesus! In Matthew 9:12,we find these words:

When Jesus heard this, he said, ‘Healthy people don’t need a doctor sick people do.

In verse 10, we find that Matthew invited Jesus along with others, considered to be sinners, to his home for dinner. Verse 11 tells us that the Pharisees questioned the disciples as to why Jesus would eat with such scum, to which Jesus responded in verse 12, telling them about the purpose for His visit.
 The Master went to Matthew’s home and blessed him. In other words, Jesus made a “house call.” Thank God that the Master makes house calls! He will come into your house and bless your life. Prayerfully you have received His healing hand. If not, ask Him. He will come into your life and heal your sin-sick soul.