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Walking with God

Most of us have heard the marvelous story of how Enoch walked with God.  This story is found in Genesis and has been told over and over again.  The Spirit has led me to write this devotion for I believe it has a fresh word for us today.  There is no doubt, we all need the assurance that God is walking with us. The real question, is, are we walking with God?  That changes how we see this story.  Make no mistake about it; God is always walking with us.  This biblical story found in Genesis 5:24 speaks clearly about this man of great faith. The words read:

” . . . walking in close fellowship with God. Then one day he disappeared, because God took him.”

Enoch lived a very long life and God took him.  There is no effort made in this scripture to uncover the mystery of his death or to try to find what lies beyond it.  The one revealing truth is this devout man, Enoch, walked with God and goes on to be with God because through his walk he had developed a wonderful relationship with God. God honored him for his faithfulness.  It is my prayer today that you are walking with God, developing a divine relationship with Him, and your life will grow spiritually as He reveals Himself to you.  Someone has said it is not how long we live but how we live, that counts.  We may not live as long as Enoch, but we can live out our lives walking with God.

Genesis 5:24 (NLT)