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We have been set free to love! The Lord has granted freedom to live and to love. The freedom that we have through Christ Jesus changes our lives radically. Take a moment to reflect upon your life prior to coming to Christ. If we are honest, we can say that we never really experienced true love. The love we experienced prior to coming to Christ was based upon conditions. Some of us have felt unworthy to be loved. Being enslaved with low self-esteem, we allowed others to determine if we were lovable. However, coming to Christ, we found out what true love was all about. The scripture reference is found in John 8:36 and reads in this manner.

 “So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.”

In this moving passage, Jesus, the Master Teacher, is speaking to His disciples. He tells them in chapter eight that they are truly His disciples if they remain faithful to His teachings. They are no longer slaves, but a part of His family and are released from their old lives. The Lord has set them free: free to love. When you get a chance, read this entire chapter. The Master pours out His heart to the disciples whom He loved. He assured them that they too could love, for they have been set free. Live a life of love. Know that love is stronger than hate. The love of God covers a multitude of sins. Never forget how much God loves you. Share that love with others.