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Recently, I prayed with a family who was experiencing much pain in their lives. It seems that as when one trouble finished, another one soon came their way. There seemed to be no relief in sight. Yet, as I prayed with them, I spoke to them about the need to wait on the Lord. I did not have eloquent words or relief that could help them. However, I knew first-hand of the power that comes from waiting on the Lord. I could share with them what I knew personally that in God’s time, He would lessen their load. This was not something I was unsure about, for I was confident that those who wait on the Lord would find the relief they need. I have read in God’s Word many times about waiting on the Lord and knew those words were true. Today’s devotion focuses on the psalmist who spoke these words in Psalm 40:1:

“I waited patiently for the Lord to help me, and He turned to me and heard my cry.”

The psalmist testifies that the Lord led him out of the pit of despair, placed his feet on solid ground, and gave him a new song to sing. He knows that your strength is renewed when you wait on the Lord. As you read this devotion, if there are any overwhelming troubles in your life, simply wait on the Lord. Waiting is not in vain, for surely He will come just in time. He is an on-time God! May you find the strength you need as you wait on the Lord