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Waiting on God before we speak is something we all should do. Let me be honest with you, this applies to me as well. There are times when we speak before seeking God’s divine approval. We cannot say everything we think. We always need to consult God before opening our mouths. We can say the right thing at the wrong time or with the wrong tone and end up sounding angry or mean-spirited. The list of things we say without ever consulting God is enormous. Relationships have been destroyed by speaking too quickly to our spouses, families, and friends. Speaking too quickly has caused some to lose their jobs. Our reference today is Proverbs 8: 6.

“Listen to me! For I have important things to tell you. Everything I say is right,”

In this Book of Wisdom, the writer identifies the need to listen and to hear, so he might get understanding. There is a call to use good judgment. The advice given is wholesome. Throughout this chapter, the writer indicates that those who miss these instructions on the importance of listening before speaking do themselves a great disservice. They do not honor God, nor do they find fulfillment in their lives.  The writer says that common sense and knowledge belongs to God. Therefore, we can consult God and gain the understanding and wisdom we need. Prayerfully you are applying this practical lesson to your lives and are discovering how to wait on God before speaking.