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Almighty God, our creator we thank you for life. We thank you for giving us the opportunity to live for you and to honor you. We recognize, oh God, that there are times in our lives when we do not live according to your will and your way. However, on this day we pray that we might turn our life over to you. We confess our sins and shortcomings and ask that you forgive us. Help us, Oh God, as we face life’s challenges not to give into the flesh, but rather surrender ourselves completely to you. This is our prayer today, Oh God, that we might turn our lives over to you. We hear the psalmist in Psalm 25:1 when he says these words:

“O Lord, I give my life to you.”

In this psalm, the psalmist appeals to God that he might continue to trust in Him. He does not want to be put to shame nor have his enemies rejoice in his failures. As he speaks to God, he commits his life anew to God and wants God to show him the right path and the right road to follow. He wants God to lead him by truth and mercy. Let the Lord know, today, that you give your life anew to Him