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As I was preparing this devotion, I could not help but think of the importance of trusting God. Trust in God means having faith when there are things we do not know and will never know. Our trust is in God’s almighty hands. When we trust God, we prepare to have questions in our lives that will go unanswered. We do not always know why things happen as they do. God’s ways are not our ways. However, that does not lessen our trust in Him. If we knew everything, our choice would not have the same meaning. Trust and faith go together. It is easy to trust God when you know exactly how He will answer and what He will do. What about having to trust God when we do not know how or when He will answer? What about the unanswered questions that you already have before Him? Will you trust Him then? I Corinthians 13:10 is our scriptural reference today.

“But when the time of perfection comes, these partial things will become useless.”

In this deep passage, Paul writes about love being the greatest! It is patient, not proud, rude or jealous. He indicates that our knowledge is incomplete and that there will be a time when our knowledge will be made clear. Paul is saying that even though there are things we do not fully understand, we are blessed by God’s love that keeps us in perfect peace because our minds and trust are stayed on Him. This beautiful love chapter has much to say about trusting God when things are unanswered. He indicates that God knows everything. At some point, we will see things clearly. Paul is confident that God knows every detail of our lives. When we don’t have the answers, trust that God has.