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Today’s devotion calls upon all of us to trust God completely. I use the word “completely”, because our trust in God must come without wavering or doubt. We must put our full trust in Him. Yesterday’s devotion indicated that God can do all things. Consequently, it is not hard to trust Him about anything. He supplies all our needs. No burden is too hard for Him to handle, or any problem too difficult for Him to solve. We can rely and depend on Him. Be able to say, “I trust God with my entire being.” The scripture lesson today is Psalm 56:3 and reads in this manner:

“But when I am afraid, I will put my trust in you..” We read in this passage of the psalmist’s complete trust in the Lord. Throughout this psalm, He writes of His enemies that surround Him day and night, yet, he has no fear and asks the Lord to be gracious unto Him. It is amazing, that he does not abandon his trust in the Lord, even though he faced difficulty. Nor, does he say that he will not trust others, for he realized that he can put his trust in people. He is also aware that people have limitations. Let me be transparent, trusting in God completely does not mean that we do not trust family and friends. God has given us people we can count on. However, we should all be mindful that all people have limitations. However, God has no limitations. He is the only one that we can completely trust! May you find in Him the help you need and that you will be like the psalmist and say “In God I will praise His Word. In God, I put my trust. I will not fear what flesh can do unto me.”