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Here I go again singing; “Trust and obey for there is no other way.” I have to stop there because I don’t know the rest of the words. However, I will just grab hold of those first two words that cannot be separated. You cannot trust God without obeying God. That is a sermon right there! Some of us have caught hold of the meaning of trust, but not so with the learning of obeying. On the other hand, some have it in reverse. They have learned to obey but do not have the experience in trusting Him. There is a blessing to receive in trusting and obeying God. The scripture reference in this devotion is Psalm 40:4.

“Oh, the joys of those who trust the LORD, who have no confidence in the proud or in those who worship idols.”

The psalmist indicates clearly that there is joy for those who trust and obey the Lord for they have no confidence in the worship of idols. They worship God because God commands it. The psalmist says that he delights in doing God’s will, for God’s instructions are written on his heart. He knows what God has called him to do. Consequently, he is able to do just that. He does not go ahead of God. In the midst of his trials, he had the strength to trust God. In God’s own time, He redeemed him from his pit of despair. It is amazing because the psalmist writes in the last verse how God is his helper and does not delay as he continues to trust and obey Him. Read this entire psalm from verses 1 – 17, when you get a chance. You will see that time after time, the words trust and obey intertwine. Prayerfully, the psalmist’s testimony is your testimony. No matter what comes your way – trials, troubles heartaches, pain, disappointments, or sorrow – trust and obey Him. There is no other way.