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Today’s devotion title indicates there is must also be a false life. There are those who live every day without experiencing true life. Their life is based upon false assumptions about things and material goods: a life of folly and good times. However, those things do not last. Life is so much more than things. True life is life in Christ; an abundant life of fulfillment, which goes far beyond the pleasures one may experience in an imitation life. It is not real. It is fake, and does not hold up to truth. John 12:25 speaks of true life and reads:

 “Those who love their life in this world will lose it. Those who care nothing for their life in this world will keep it for eternity.”

Simply, if you love this life on earth, you will lose it. On the other hand, she who does not put so much value on her earthly life reaps life eternal. When one speaks about loving her life, laying up personal possessions and treasures will all be lost. When the word says, “hate”, it does not mean one despises his life, but it means that one has come to understand that this life is not eternal. We do not live in the flesh like those who love the flesh. We must remember that we have brought nothing with us and will take nothing with us when we leave. Consequently, we should be focusing on an abundant and true life. Thanks be unto God for those who have come to understand that believers have life and life eternal. What a wonderful way to live and appreciate the beauty of life every day and to find fulfillment in a life that is not based upon things. Prayerfully you have discovered the meaning of true life for yourself.