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Today’s devotion suggests that there is happiness that may not always be true. It is oft-times superficial and does not last. I would argue that true happiness is not found in things. Please do not misunderstand me. There is nothing wrong with accumulating things. They are just a blessing from God. True happiness, however, cannot be found in material things. They will fade, wear away, and become outdated and not last. True happiness is only found in God. Yes, some things provide temporary happiness. However, if you live long enough, you will discover that you will need far more than that. True happiness is referenced in I Timothy 5:6.

 “But the widow who lives only for pleasure is spiritually dead even while she lives.”

In this deep passage, we see clearly that those who live for mere pleasure will never experience true happiness. The widow, herself, is dead to God as she lives in pleasure. Paul provides his readers insight on how to live a wholesome life. We must take care of widows and orphans. How we do that, however, is far greater than offering them material gifts. We must offer them gifts that will create true happiness in their lives while they are living. Being dead, while living, is very deep. You can be alive, yet dead in Christ. If all you seek to do with your life is to accumulate stuff with no concern for God, little time for worship and prayer, never repenting of your sins, that is sad. Remember we brought nothing with us and will take nothing with us when we return to dust. Do not spend all your time accumulating things, for they will not last. I close with these words: No one will want my suits and ties. No one wants them now. Some of the things we have in our homes are not precious to others and will be given away. Our other accumulations might be meaningless to others, as well. Thankfully, our lives are far more important to God.