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I remember a service we had where we talked about the work of the Holy Spirit. It was a wonderful service, and the Spirit moved in a marvelous way. There was a movement in the church that came as a result of the Holy Spirit. Thank God for the Spirit; it guides, leads, inspires, and even convicts us. I believe there can be no real worship without the Holy Spirit. When the Spirit is at work, power comes. In John 15:8, we find these words:

“When you produce much fruit, you are my true disciples. This brings great glory to my Father.”

John gives evidence of the work of the Spirit as it relates to abiding in Christ and allowing Christ to abide in us. As we give glory and honor to God, there is a connection that allows us to be at one with Christ. Our prayer life is strengthened by the power of the Spirit. May the Holy Spirit guide us today in all of our responsibilities. May the Spirit convict us and keep us from doing wrong. May the Spirit give us peace as we rest through the night. And may we find confidence in knowing that the Spirit is at work in our lives each day.