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One of the wonderful things about God is that He speaks. He speaks to our hearts and to our souls; giving us the strength and courage we need. His voice calms our fears and steadies our steps.  His voice gives us peace in the midst of the storm. It is so important that we listen for the voice of the Lord.  Far too often, we cannot hear because we are distracted by other voices.  Or for that matter, we have not taken the time to be still in order to hear and recognize His voice.  Even when we pray, we need to be still long enough to hear God respond.  Sometimes we do so much talking all we hear is our own voice.  My grandmother used to say, “Some folks like to hear themselves talk.”  No other voice can compare to the voice of the Lord.  The psalmist, recognizing this, wrote these words in Psalm 29:4:

“The voice of the LORD is powerful; the voice of the LORD is majestic.” Here the psalmist speaks of the rolling thunder as the storm clouds mask themselves over the vast Mediterranean Sea.  In the midst of the wind and lightening the voice of the Lord speaks.  The Lord manifested Himself in the storm.  That is the same way the Lord is able to calm the storms in our lives. The winds of sorrow may blow and the thunder of trials and troubles may shake, but the voice of the Lord is more powerful than any storm.  The psalmist gives a description of how the voice of the Lord is made known.  It is my prayer today you are able to hear the voice of the Lord, experience the wonders of His love, and see the evidence of His power. Put your mind at ease so when you are going through you will know He is speaking, and your breakthrough is on the way. I pray that each of us will listen carefully for the Lord’s tender yet powerful voice that gives us hope and relief.

Psalm 29:4 (NLT)