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This devotion today is a follow up of our devotion yesterday entitled “Don’t Waste Your Time In Arguments”.  Ultimately, the truth will be revealed and the truth will set you free.  It is not our opinion of what we think that counts, but rather what the Word of God has to say.  We cannot slant the Word for our own benefit, but the Holy Spirit must always guide us so we might rightly divide the truth.  None of us has a blueprint on the truth; that comes from God and His Word. Nor can we use scripture to justify our point of view.  We must approach all scripture with open hearts and open minds so the Spirit can lead us.  The Spirit bears witness with our spirit and reveals the truth to us.  There is a portion of scripture in John 9:32 that speaks to us about the truth. The verse reads in this manner:

 “Ever since the world began, no one has been able to open the eyes of someone born blind.”

This chapter of John provides an example of the principles of judgment that runs through the gospel. This miracle is included to attempt to show the presence of faith and unbelief in those who saw the result of the cure.  The blind man had already testified to the judges about Jesus’ healing.  When Jesus heard how the judges were questioning this man, Jesus searched this man out and said, “Do you believe in the son of man?”  The man responded, “Lord I believe,” and began to worship Him.  Not only did this man receive his sight when others doubted the power of Jesus, but this man came face to face with the truth and the truth set him free. I would argue there are many with spiritually blinded eyes and they cannot see.  However, when you have an encounter with the Master not only will He take the blindness from your eyes, but He will also take stubbornness from your heart and set you free.  Whom God sets free is free indeed.

John 9:32 (NLT)