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The Poor In Spirit

The Beatitudes, found in Matthew 5, are promises to the Kingdom of God regarding comfort, inheriting the earth and obtaining mercy. In Matthew 5:3, we find these words:

“Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of Heaven.”

The poor in spirit includes all who would learn and become content to live a simple life. The poor understand that they need God and come like children to receive God’s blessings. The Kingdom belongs to those who desire to be Spirit-filled and experience the fullness of life. They may live in poverty, or they may just be depressed. The poor are not limited to the outcasts in society. They are sometimes souls just cast down in their spirit. How do we respond to those who are poor, marginalized and disenfranchised? How many times have we walked away from someone whom we deemed to be poor? God gives them a place in the Kingdom. He does not overlook them. God and God alone sees their hearts and He offers them fulfillment and peace. May we, too, learn to see them through the eyes of God.