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On this New Year’s Day, we give God thanks for the blessing of a new year! God has given us joy in place of all our cares and worries. In His powerful hand, God has great and mighty power. We are only here today due to His powerful hand. No matter what life brings our way, God is able and willing to hold us by His loving and powerful hand of mercy. Take the time today to acknowledge the power of God. Look back over your life and see what He has already done, giving you the strength to continue to put your trust in Him. The scripture reference for this devotion is found in Isaiah 62:3:                    

“The Lord will hold you in His hand for all to see– a splendid crown in the hand of God.”

Here, the prophet Isaiah prays on behalf of the people of Jerusalem. He knows well that God loves His people and that He will hold them in His hand. Never again will the nation be called forsaken. God’s Blessings will be upon them for years to come. In this chapter, the prophet assures the people they can trust and depend upon God, as they will be called a holy people and the people will be redeemed by the Lord. May you have confidence this year, knowing always that God keeps us in Perfect Peace because our minds are stayed on Him.   Have a blessed New Year!