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I remember being asked recently, “What is your dream job?”  As I thought about that question, I realized that I was blessed with my dream job. God had given me the desires of my heart to be able to be used by Him. I love what I am doing pastoring God’s people. God has given me much more than I desired. I grew up with chaos in our family and at one point in my life, I desired to be married and experience the joy of family. In addition, God blessed me with a mentor, coach and spiritual father in Reverend Dr. Albert Franklin Campbell, Pastor Emeritus of Mt. Carmel Baptist Church. I could go on about the many blessings God has given me. Those blessings far exceeded my desires for he has blessed me far beyond my own understanding. I have met countless people who have been blessed with the desires of their hearts. Today’s scripture is Psalm 37:34:

“Take delight in the Lord,  and He will give you your heart’s desires.”

The psalmist acknowledges God’s goodness. He begins this psalm with wise counsel that the people need not to fret or be anxious because of evil doers. They will soon be cut off. “Trust the Lord and do good”, he writes. He tells them to wait patiently for the Lord to give them the desires of their heart. The psalmist knows that when you put God first, He will grant you blessings from on high. He remains calm knowing God’s power. Trusting God is a repetitive theme in this psalm. Be strong knowing that God knows what you need. He knows what will bring you fulfillment, peace and joy. When troubles come, don’t lose heart; stand still and see the salvation of the Lord.