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As we have experienced much tragedy and hate in our world, killings of innocent people by ungodly police officers,  and shootings of young African Americans in our streets, there has been a cry with words of truth, “No justice, no peace.” We cannot always count on our judicial system to give justice. However, as believers, we know that the Lord will bring justice to His people. We stand on the Word of God knowing that the Lord will fight our battles. Yes, we need to continue to protest and speak out against racism and anything that destroys the lives of people. When we see injustice, we must speak out. Yes, although there may be times in which justice may not prevail in our land, we must remember who has the final word: the Lord. The scripture reference is Isaiah 61:7:

 “Instead of shame and dishonor, you will enjoy a double share of honor.

You will possess a double portion of prosperity in your land, and everlasting joy will be yours.”

In this moving passage of scripture, there is good news for the oppressed. Isaiah, the Lord’s prophet, has been anointed to bring the news to the poor. He has been sent to comfort the brokenhearted and release the captives. Isaiah has come to tell them that the Lord will bring justice to His people. God has not forgotten them. The Lord is going to bless them, bountifully. The Word says, “Instead of shame and dishonor, they will receive a double portion of their blessings.” Isaiah writes that the Lord loves justice and will faithfully reward His people with His justice. Read this entire chapter when you get a chance. Know that God has not forgotten those who suffer. God has not forgotten those who have received no justice. But, praised be the name of the Lord. He will bring justice to His people.