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The Lord never takes His eyes off us. We cannot go anywhere that His eyes are not upon us. We cannot hide from God because He knows exactly where we are. This is why we should always try to live according to His Word. As my grandmother would say, “Be on your best behavior.” She would say that because she knew that somebody was always watching us. I have come to realize that God is always watching us. One of the reasons why I really love the Lord is because He still loves me. Not only does He love me when He sees me at my best, but He still loves me when I slip and fall. Praise His Holy Name! In Psalm 121: 8, we find these words:

“The LORD keeps watch over you as you come and go, both now and forever.”

Here, the Psalmist declares that the Lord will always be with the people of Israel, watching over them, protecting them, keeping them from harm. The Lord is watching over us in this same manner, guiding, protecting, and keeping us from harm. He will not sleep nor slumber. Thank God today for His protection!