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The Lord is constantly looking for us. He will not stop searching until He finds us.
There is no hiding place for us. With His love and mercy, God never gives up on us.
We may not be searching for Him, but the Lord never stops looking for somebody to
give Him praise. Each of us should live so that He might redeem us.
In Genesis 3:9, find these words:
“Then the Lord called to the man, “Where are you?”
In this moving passage of Scripture, we see this man and woman of God who had eaten
the forbidden fruit. They were forbidden to eat or touch anything, or they would die.
Satan, however, tempted them, tricking them into eating the fruit. When they had
sinned, they hid from the Lord. The Lord called the man saying,
“Where are you?” He responded saying, “I was going to walk her
to the garden, but I was afraid because I was naked” and he
blamed the woman for eating the fruit. Read the story and you
will see the results. Even though they did what the Lord told them not to do, He forgave
them. How many of us have not done what the Lord has called us to do? Do not allow
Satan to tempt you. God is looking for each of us. Prayerfully today, when He calls, we
will each be able to respond with a resounding, “Hallelujah praise!”