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I thank God Almighty that I can get up early in the morning and join with my brothers and sisters in Christ on the Church Without Walls. It is a blessing to be able to wake up in the morning to let God know how grateful we are for a brand-new day and ask Him to guide us throughout the day with His love and tender mercy. Early in the morning, before the sun comes out, we can approach God. I cannot put into words the blessings I received from the Church Without Walls. The people of God express their gratitude to God and ask God for guidance and deliverance. Many chains have been broken because of this early morning service. If you have not had the opportunity to be a part of the Church without Walls, I invite you to join us between 6 and 7 AM. The number is on the back of this devotion. It is a wonderful way to begin each day! In Psalm 119:147, we find these words:

“I rise early, before the sun is up; I cry out for help and put my hope in your words.”

Here the psalmist acknowledges blessings that come early in the morning, before the sun comes up. He goes on to say that he stays awake through the night thinking about the promises of God. We know the Lord is near and dear. Rest on His promise. The psalmist acknowledges the power and love of God even though his life is been tormented at times, God has been with him every step of the way. When you get a chance read this entire Psalm and the 168th verse where it speaks about the love of God. I look forward to hearing you early in the morning in our Church without Walls giving praise to God for all if His Goodness!