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The Lord has given each of us the gift of talent, and we must use our talent to His glory. We should never allow ourselves to become envious of someone else’s talent, however, there are times when we find ourselves in that very situation – envious of someone else’s gift and never taking advantage of, or using, our own. We should not compare ourselves and our talent to others, but we should use what God has given us. The questions we need to ask ourselves are, do we even know what talents God has blessed us with?  If so, are we using them? If we use the talent or talents that God has given us we will be blessed. In 2 Chronicles 2 :13, we find these words:

“I am sending you a master craftsman named Huram-abi, who is extremely talented.”

In verses 1-18, we find Solomon preparing to build royal palace for himself as well as a place to honor the name of the Lord.  He sent a message to King Hiram because even though he had all of the laborers that he needed, he still needed a talented master craftsman, skilled at working with gold, silver, bronze, and iron as well as cloth. The king wrote back, saying that he knew of a man with such talent, and he would send the man to him.   When you get a chance, read this entire
chapter. Prayerfully, just like the master craftsman, we will all learn to use the talents that the Lord has given us for His glory.