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Several years ago, Reverend Jerome Coleman, pastor of the First Baptist Church of Crestmont, indicated that the church would celebrate Evangelistic Sunday, when each member would invite a non-believer to worship.  Pastor Coleman stated that the harvest was plentiful but the laborers were few.  As I recall this, I concur that it is challenging to mobilize people to evangelize: to win souls for Christ.  You have probably heard the statistics that the majority of the work of the church is done by 20 percent of the congregation.  That does not have to be the case, for there are so many souls to save, so many lives to be transformed, and so many needs in our world where people are in need of the Gospel and in need of love and support.  We have been given a mandate to win souls for Christ.  There is a need for God’s people to do the work of the kingdom. This matter of laborers being few is nothing new, for we find it in Matthew 9:37 where we find these words:

 “He said to His disciples, ‘The harvest is great, but the workers are few.’”

Here Jesus our great shepherd speaks to His disciples about the harvest being so plentiful.  The Lord of the Harvest yearns for more of His disciples to help Him.  He knew He had to delegate the work to a few for He said, “The workers are few.”  The disciples were to be reapers as well as praying men.  The work could not be done without prayer.  There is a divine link between prayer and work; you cannot pray without work, and you cannot work without prayer.  So today, we ask the Lord of the Harvest that He might bring forth more laborers in the vineyard.  What a wonderful blessing it is to be a laborer for the Lord.  The same God who saved you desires you to win someone else to the Kingdom.  The pay is great, yet the laborers are few.