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There is so much joy that we receive when we have the ever-flowing joy of the Lord! We have heard these words many times but they are worth repeating. There is a distinction between joy and happiness. Happiness may be caused by good fortune or other worldly pleasures that results in short-term contentment; however, joy is not fleeting and flows no matter what situation we may find ourselves in. In other words, you can have joy even when you are jobless, distressed or brokenhearted. In addition to the joy of the Lord, we have a Savior who prayed that we would have inner strength and peace. In John 17:15, we find these words:

“I’m not asking you to take them out of the world, but to keep them safe from the evil one.”

The seventeenth chapter of John is Jesus’ prayer to the Father. Jesus prayed that His people be kept safe from the evil one, whom we can interpret to be the devil, and any of his followers. He asked God that they may be as one and for God to sanctify them in the truth. Sanctification means dedication and being equipped for service to God. That means being brought into the truth of the Word of God. He prays that they might have peace and joy in their relationship with Him. It does not release them from suffering or exonerate them from the deceptions of the world, but it gives them the strength they need so that they won’t be consumed by it. What a blessing! Replace the sorrowful, painful spaces in your life with the sustaining joy of the Lord.