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We say, “The joy of the Lord is our strength”. That is more than just a saying, for it is the truth for those who have experience living in the joy of God’s presence. You can still have joy in the midst of trials and troubles. You know that you are in the presence of God, but not everyone understands that. People might ask how you experience joy in the midst of your problems. They ponder in their hearts how you have so much joy surrounded by so much tragedy and pain. You have discovered the true meaning of life. Let me be transparent. I used to wonder how people had joy even in the midst of death. I have discovered that when you know the Lord, He can turn sorrow into joy. It does not mean that we do not weep or feel heaviness. God’s inward presence allows us to get through without falling apart. We have come to understand that weeping might endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning. Many of us have experienced that morning. Psalm 16:11 is our reference today and speaks of God’s presence.

 “You will show me the way of life, granting me the joy of your presence and the pleasures of living with you forever.”

The psalmist is assured and secure in his faith. In verse nine, he says, “My heart is glad.” His body rests in security. He has always set the Lord before him and has discovered the true essence of life. The psalmist is joyful because he is in God’s presence. Even though the enemy surrounds him, the psalmist rests in the arms of the Lord, truly blessed despite the enemy’s plans against him. He is not complaining, simply praising God. His heart is full of joy. Read this entire psalm at your next chance. I would encourage you to apply it to your daily life. Live in the presence of God and experience the joy. Never step out of His presence for you will be able to endure and shout with gratitude from your heart of the Lord’s goodness.