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It is utterly amazing how at times these devotions coincide with one another.  It is not as if they have been planned that way, but the Holy Spirit leads in that way.  Yesterday’s devotion was entitled “Never Take Revenge” followed by today’s devotion entitled “The Distraction of Contempt”.   I would argue strongly, contempt could take us away from God, poison our minds, and pollute our hearts.  We need the Lord’s mercy to fill our hearts so they will not be filled with contempt and pride.  The psalmist in Psalm 123:3 seeks the Lord’s mercy recognizing that the hearts and minds of the people are filled with contempt.  He recorded these words:

 “Have mercy on us, LORD, have mercy,  for we have had our fill of contempt.”

The psalmist pleads with the Lord for he makes it clear they have had enough of contempt, and they needed God’s mercy to free them.  The people had become haughty, boastful, and full of pride; and they needed the favor of the Lord to help them.  In the previous verse, he indicates that their eyes look to the Lord and He will have mercy.  This is the prayer to change the heart and attitude of the people.  We know very little about the writer of this psalm, but we know as he begins calling out to the Lord there is mercy in his words.  It is my prayer today that we would look to the Lord to shower us with mercy and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.  For it is possible we could develop contempt, which causes us to be distracted from the way and will of the Lord.  It takes our focus away from God and places it on ourselves, which will lead to self-destruction.  We need to ask God to search us and to know our hearts so our hearts might be right with God.

Psalm 123:3 (NLT)