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I believe with all my heart that the best way to begin the day is to begin in prayer. When you awake in the morning before you begin to move about pray and give God thanks for the new day and ask Him for guidance for the day. I remember a song that went something like this, “Did you stop to pray today?” I don’t know what time you are reading this devotion, but I pose the question again, “Did you start the day with prayer?” Or, were you so busy tuning into the TV, putting on the coffee, or jogging without even taking a moment or two just to talk to God? Your day would be so much better if you began with prayer. Let me repeat, the best way to begin your day is with prayer. Mark 1:35 is the scriptural text today.

“Before daybreak the next morning, Jesus got up and went out to an isolated place to pray.”

Jesus the Master Teacher began the day in prayer. He went to an isolated place to steal away to talk to His Heavenly Father. He was about to go to Galilee to preach and teach. However, He did not go without praying first. The Word of God says that Simon and others went to find Him. Jesus was already prepared to go to Galilee to cast out demons, heal the infirmed and bless the people. But, before any of that, He took the time to pray. What a valuable lesson for us! Jesus set the example on how to begin your day. May we follow the example of the Master and pray early in the morning every day.