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Thanks be unto God for the peace He gives to us in the midst of the storm. God blesses His people with His divine power and presence that gives them peace. The peace that God gives is far beyond our own understanding. We are able to endure life’s trials and troubles because of His peace, which calms our every fear. His peace guides our steps. Yes, we can even rest at night because of His peace with us. The scripture reference is found in I Chronicles 23:25.

 “For David said, ‘The Lord, the God of Israel, has given us peace, and He will always live in Jerusalem.’”

In this deep and moving passage of scripture, David, a servant of the Lord, speaks to the Levites, encouraging them as they continue in their journey.  They were given a task, which will bless them. David gives final instructions that they were to assist the priests, the sons of Aaron, as they served in the House of the Lord. God blessed them, and His peace is with them. When you get a chance, read this entire chapter. Then, take a moment today to thank God for His peace and power.