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Today’s devotion is about something that we all need to do. The question I pose as I pen these words is “Where would we be without God’s mercy?” He woke us up this morning and started us on our way. He showed mercy when we sinned and brought shame to His name. He holds back His wrath from us, showing us new mercies each day.  Mercy is what God gives to us freely. Without it, we could not exist. Thank God for His mercy before reading any further. Look back over your life to see the many times He has interceded with mercy. Somethings no one knows about us, but God does. Oh, yes, we share things with our spouses and children, but some things only God knows, and we are grateful that He is the only one who knows and has still extended mercy to us. No matter how much others love us; they may not give us the mercy we need. Almighty God is always there to shower us with His mercy. Notice I did not say sprinkle, but shower. He always bathes us with His mercy. Psalm 25:10 is our scripture reference today:

“The Lord leads with unfailing love and faithfulness all who keep His covenant and obey His demands.”

The psalmist declares that God always provides His people with unfailing love and faithfulness. He always extends mercy to them. In verse 16 he cries out to the Lord, “Turn to me and have mercy, I am alone and in deep distress.” Here the psalmist is aware of God’s mercy He reaches out to His people and he cries out for His mercy. His heart beats with gladness for the mercy he has received, and he knows that new mercies are needed in this time of distress. Nevertheless, he is confident that God will grant to him the mercy he needs. Never forget that we have received mercy before, and we still stand in need of mercy. Like the psalmist, we need His mercy each day. So, we praise God today for His never-ending mercy. We can shout and give God thanks for His loving compassion toward us.