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There will be times in our lives when Satan will test us. Someone said so
effectively, “every test is a testimony.” When Satan comes at us, we need to know
that we are secure in the arms of the Lord. Satan will attack us on every hand,
because he is cunning, deceitful, and full of tricks. But know beyond the shadow of
a doubt that Satan is no match for our God. Satan may weaken us, but rest assured
that when we are in God’s hands, we will come forth as pure gold.
Today’s scripture is found in the gospel of Luke 22:31:

“Simon, Simon, Satan has asked to sift each of you like wheat.”

The Lord speaks to His disciple telling them that He will be put to a test. The Lord
tells him that when Satan comes against him that he will not fail not and that he
will be strengthened by His presence. The Lord provided His
disciples with the security and strength that they needed, but we
know how the story ends. But we can’t be too hard on him, for
there have been times we failed because we, too forget that we
are secure in the Lord’s hands. We allow Satan to deceive us
and consequently, not only do we self-destruct we fail to pass the test. May you
never fail when Satan comes at you, but may your faith always remain strong.