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As believers, there are times that we will suffer. We will also have trials and troubles. It’s just a part of life. Some of the suffering that we may endure may be due to how we live our lives. One thing for sure, we cannot escape life’s troubles. But there is a difference between suffering in this world and suffering for Christ. We make a choice to suffer for Christ. We willingly acknowledge that when we seek to serve Him, we will be tried, and we may suffer, but we can count it all joy because we know that our struggles will not be in vain. No one who seeks to follow Christ will be exempt from suffering or struggling for Him,
but again we must be willing to do this for His sake. The cost is giving one’s life to Christ, but I would add, it is worth it all. In Philippians 1:29, we find these words:

“For you have been given not only the privilege of trusting in Christ but also the privilege of suffering for him.”

Paul is speaking to his fellow believers. He tells them to live as children of the most high God, not to be intimidated by enemies but to understand that they have been given the privilege of trusting in Christ as well as the privilege of suffering for Him. Also, in living for Christ, the people will grow in their faith. Likewise, we must also be willing to suffer freely and fully for Him.