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In my humble view, today’s devotion is a challenge for God’s people. Submitting to God is one that we find difficult to do. It we are honest; submission is not easy. I have often heard people say that submission is difficult. Yet, Christians are called upon to submit to God. Not our way, but His will to be done. Submitting is more difficult when you are going through a trial or when the enemy comes against you. The flesh rises up, and we want to take matters into our own hands. Before reading further, ask yourself, “Am I submitting to God?” Job 22:21 is our scriptural reference and reads in this manner:

“Submit to God, and you will have peace; then things will go well for you.”

It is interesting because the King James Version reads, “Agree with God and be at peace, therefore God will come to you.” The writer indicates that by receiving the instruction which God gives, one will ultimately find peace. Job will be blessed when he submits to God Almighty. God grants blessings and favor upon submission. We know the story of Job, who did not complain throughout his journey. His commitment to God never wavered. He never lost his faith and trust in God. Job was submissive to the One he loved. I pray that we always will remain true to God, submitting our lives to Him, and discovering the peace He gives that passes all understanding. We know how Job’s life ended, for ultimately, God blessed him, and He will bless us as we submit our lives to Him.