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Believers cannot afford to quench the Holy Spirit by complaining. I would argue that in far too many cases, we complain too much. We complain about almost everything. God has not given us a complaining spirit, but rather a spirit of joy and peace. I remember someone who had chosen to give up complaining during the Lenten season. I thought that was rich. It has helped me to commit not to complain so much. That is good for all of us. The scripture lesson for this devotion is found in I Thessalonians 5:19 and reads:

 “Quench not the Spirit.”         

Paul writes that we quench the Spirit when we complain. In this chapter, he writes about the need to rejoice and to pray without ceasing. He writes that in everything, give thanks, for that is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you. Paul knows we have everything we need and consequently, there is no need to complain. We do not want to put the fire of the Holy Spirit out by complaining. In the words of the songwriter, “My good days outweigh my bad days and I won’t complain. God has been good to me.” The next time you start to complain, just think of God’s goodness and do not quench the Spirit of God.

I Thessalonians 5:19 (KJV)