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We cannot afford to stay out of touch from God. We need to be in constant touch with Him. Life is so uncertain and filled with much grief and pain. However, something about being in touch with God that gives us hope, peace and joy. We are able to fellowship, commune and converse with Him. I vividly remember the song, “Have a little talk with Jesus.” Jesus will make things right. His line is neve busy. When was the last time you spoke to Him? When was the last time you gave Him praise? When was the last time you acknowledged Him? The beauty is that He is always available: today and every day. Stay in touch with God. Psalm 107:6 is our text today.

 “‘Lord, help’ they cried in their trouble, and He rescued them from their distress.”

Chapter 121 indicates that our help comes from the Lord. He reveals that he will lift up his eyes. The people cried out in the wilderness for they were hungry and thirsty. They were lost in a desert place. They wanted to have the Lord’s blessings and needed to be in touch with Him. The Lord delivered them from their distress, heard their cry and pitied their groan. The people knew that in their times of need the Lord would satisfy those who were thirsty and the hungry He would fill with good things. They began to praise the Lord. Even the sick were healed when they called on the Lord. It is amazing what happens when we stay in touch with the Lord. He can heal the sick, comfort those who grieve and open and close doors. The Lord makes ways out of no way! Praise Him today! Thank Him for never being out of our reach.