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Today’s devotion comes from the same passage of scripture used for yesterday’s devotion entitled. Start Each Day With Praise, which is another way of saying, stay in contact with God. As you praise Him, you are drawn into His presence. Where His presence is, is fulfillment of joy regardless of the trials, tears, or troubles you experience. There is power when you draw near to God and cling to Him. You can draw from His mighty power. We should always stay in contact with God. Sometimes we fail to keep in contact with family members and friends. Time moves swiftly and it may be months since we spoke with them. That should never be the case with God. He ought to know us by name. We ought to know Him in such a way that we are longing to spend more time with Him. Today’s scripture reference is Psalm 63:8.

“I cling to You; your strong right hand holds me securely.”

The psalmist, after his constant praise, speaks of clinging to God. His knows those around him seek to plot his demise and harm him. Nevertheless, he is in constant contact with God and fully knows that God’s right hand holds him tight and secure. He has no fear but is confident in God Almighty. Therefore, he clings to God and will not let go. He knows God will not let him go. Today, whatever you do, whatever trials you are dealing with – just cling to God and stay close and draw near to Him. He is never, ever so far from us that He cannot reach us.