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Statement on Asian Hate

As a Christ-centered, multicultural church, that embraces inclusion and diversity, our mission is to “Love God and Serve People.” Thus, we stand in solidarity with our Asian brothers and sisters, against all the ungodly racism they continue to experience. In this way, we stand on the word of God. In Christ, there is no “east or west,” no “black or white.” God made all of us and He loves all of us.

Our hearts are grieved with the killings and the hatred that has been targeted at this community. We cannot and will not remain silent. As others have stood with us, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder, heart-to-heart with them. We will speak out loud and clear, not only for our Asian brothers and sisters, but when we see Anti-Semitism, when we see our brothers and sisters of Islamic faith, targeted, not only will we offer them our prayers, but we will offer our support, our love, and the continual advocacy of all God’s people, until justice and peace prevails.