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Believers are urged to stand firm in the Lord. When trials come our way, we must be rooted and planted in the Lord. I have said several times that we must have a strong faith that relies and depends on the Lord.  Trials come our way as a part of life. Consequently, we must be prepared to remain strong. The scripture reference for this devotion is II Corinthians 1:21.

 “It is God who enables us, along with you, to stand firm for Christ. He has commissioned us,”

In this deep and moving passage, Paul speaks to the people about the need to remain strong. He speaks of God’s faithfulness. His personal experiences have manifested the fulfillment of God’s promises. He reminds the people that it is God who enables him to stand firm for the Lord. He is criticized, nevertheless, his strength allows his not to deter him from doing the Lord’s work. He is deeply rooted in the love of God and is clear about where his power comes from. He does not do this on his own but knows that God has empowered him to do the work He has commissioned. My fervent prayer today is that whatever happens in your life, you stand firm on the Lord and draw upon His mighty power.