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Thanks be unto God for those who are growing in Christ. Take a moment and look back over your life. Prayerfully, you will see how you have grown and matured in Christ. When we come to Christ, we are babes in Christ. When we grow, we are nourished in the Word and become strong. We are no longer tossed and driven by every wind and doctrine that comes. We are beyond judging one another and have moved into maturity. The Law does not bind us and we appreciate His grace and mercy. It is amazing that as new believers, we were quick to get angry and fly off the handle in a moment. But in our growth, we are not so quick to lose our tempers. Prayerfully, that is you today as you read this devotion. The scripture reference is found in Galatians 5:6.

 “For when we place our faith in Christ Jesus, there is no benefit in being circumcised or being uncircumcised. What is important is faith expressing itself in love.”

In this deep and moving passage, Paul the humble servant of the Lord speaks of faith as an adventure. Paul has been released of condemnation and has new life in the freedom of Christ. He has grown in the Lord and wants fellow believers to grow also to maturity in their thinking and living. He wants them to live a life of freedom, not bound by the Law. He recognizes that faith in God is the only thing that can set one free. He did not want them to become legalistic, looking to neither circumcision nor uncircumcised. Paul’s priority is that they might see faith and love working together as a true sign of spiritual maturity. Paul’s letter speaks to their release from the yoke of the Law and to be free in the love of Jesus Christ. Paul has a deep love for God and wanted to share that love with all believers, that they might truly develop spiritual maturity. My prayer, today, is that we are all striving to gain spiritual maturity and that our faith and love are at work in our lives.