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As we draw near to the end of the Lenten Season, prayerfully, we have grown spiritually, and our fasting and praying has caused us to develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with God. There ought to be evidence in our lives of spiritual maturity. We are no longer babes drinking milk. We now feast on the bread of life. There ought to be changes in our attitude, behavior, and lives. This has nothing to do with how many crosses are around our neck or how many Bibles we carry. Rather, it is about whether our lives give evidence that we are God’s children. Have we grown spiritually? Do we forgive, love, and share? Our scripture reference for this devotion is found in Hebrews 6:11 and it reads in this manner:

“Our great desire is that you will keep on  as long as life lasts, in order to make certain that what you hope for will come true.”

These powerful words clearly state the author’s desire for God’s people to grow daily in the Lord: loving one another and not becoming spiritually dull or indifferent. We must be willing to trust God. God wants us to be mature in our understanding and to not need to start all over again. We must show that we have not turned away from God but have come to put our trust in the God who has created us all. Read this chapter when you get a chance. It is a call for spiritual growth. Prayerfully, you are growing every day, your life bears evidence that you have been with Him, and He has been with you.