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I have been writing a great deal about spiritual gifts. Our spiritual gifts have been given to us so that God will get the glory. Each Spiritual gift is different, but it is to lift His High and Holy Name. At the same time, God is the source of all these gifts. Whatever gift you have comes from God and is to be used to bless others. None of us can claim that we do not have a gift. We are to know and use our gift. We cannot be jealous or envious of another’s gift. I remember doing a spiritual exercise to help determine my gifts. The point of the exercise was that each believer would know his or her gift and then determine if the individual was using that gift. I would argue strongly that countless believers do not know or use their gifts. Today’s devotion is I Corinthians 12:4.

 “There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all.”

Paul is eager to say that the gifts of the Spirit are different, yet, they come from the same source. He speaks of a variety of gifts and services. Paul clearly says the same God inspires them all. He also recognizes that some have multiple gifts. To much is given, much is required. Paul is concerned that in the body of Christ there is a tendency to rank those gifts. Each gift has a particular purpose. When you can, read chapter 12. Take the Spiritual Exercise and determine your gift, then use it for the glory of God. Do not waste your gift and compare it to another. Thank God, for the gift He has given to you.