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I believe that our nation is going through a spiritual famine. In many ways, we have discarded God. In some of our homes, there is a spiritual famine – there is no prayer or devotion. Consequently, in far too many cases, our homes are in disarray —there is no order or reverence. There is a price to be paid when nations, families, or even churches, disregard God. We must be careful that we do not allow ourselves to create an empty vacuum that robs us of our oneness in Christ. In Acts 8:11, we find these words:

“They listened closely to him because for a long time he had astounded them with his magic.”

Crowds followed Philip wherever he went as he preached, proclaiming the Word of God. Consequently, there was joy in the city, which had been missing prior to his preaching. They were in a spiritual famine. However, when they heard Philip’s preaching, they were baptized, their souls were renewed and their lives were transformed. We need the Word of the Lord today, because there is a famine in the land. It is my prayer today that we will yield to the power of God that will break us free from this famine. Not only our nation, but many of our families also need deliverance. All we have to do is yield to the words of the songwriter:, “He Prepareth a Table Before Me … and everything I need, He placed there for me. Healing, Deliverance, a Comforter, a Prince of Peace, come and dine at the Table, everything there is free.”